Division Accelerator / Concepts and Development

Garvey, Terence Dr.
Division Leader ABK
Telephone: 4637
E-mail: terence.garvey@psi.ch


Photo of Andreas Adelmann Adelmann, Andreas Dr.
Group Leader AMAS
Telephone: 4233
E-mail: andreas.adelmann@psi.ch
Photo of Masamitsu Aiba Aiba, Masamitsu Dr.
Staff Scientist
Telephone: 4362
E-mail: masamitsu.aiba@psi.ch
Alarcon, Arturo  
Telephone: 3476
E-mail: arturo.alarcon@psi.ch
Alex, Jürgen  
Telephone: 5049
E-mail: juergen.alex@psi.ch
Ambrosch, Kristian Dr.  
Telephone: 3373
E-mail: kristian.abmrosch@psi.ch
Anicic, Damir  
Telephone: 4235
E-mail: damir.anicic@psi.ch
Photo of Alexander Anghel Anghel, Alexander Dr.  
Telephone: 3723
E-mail: alexander.anghel@psi.ch
Beard, Carl  
Telephone: 5394
E-mail: carl.beard@psi.ch
Bertrand, Alain  
Telephone: 2765
E-mail: alain.bertrand@psi.ch
Photo of Simona Bettoni Bettoni, Simona Dr.
Staff Scientist
Telephone: 3706
E-mail: simona.bettoni@psi.ch
Bieri, Daniel  
Telephone: 3173
E-mail: daniel.bieri@psi.ch
Biffiger, Roger  
Telephone: 4516
E-mail: roger.biffiger@psi.ch
Bindschädler, Felix  
Telephone: 3960
E-mail: felix.bindschaedler@psi.ch
Bitterli, Kurt  
Telephone: 4126
E-mail: kurt.bitterli@psi.ch
Boccioli, Marco  
Telephone: 3078
E-mail: marco.boccioli@psi.ch
Photo of Michael Böge Böge, Michael Dr.
Staff Scientist
Telephone: 4588
E-mail: michael.boege@psi.ch
Bopp, Markus
Group Leader Cavity Engineering
Telephone: 4209
E-mail: markus.bopp@psi.ch
Brands, Helge Dr.  
Telephone: 5408
E-mail: helge.brands@psi.ch
Brun, Oliver  
Telephone: 3376
E-mail: oliver.brun@psi.ch
Brunnenkant, Ingo  
Telephone: 3491
E-mail: ingo.brunnenkant@psi.ch
Bucher, Patric Simon  
Telephone: 3157
E-mail: patric.bucher@psi.ch
Celcer, Tine Dr.
Group Leader Experiment Integration
Telephone: 4629
E-mail: tine.celcer@psi.ch
Chevtsov, Pavel Dr.  
Telephone: 5678
E-mail: oavel.chevtsov@psi.ch
Photo of Jan Chrin Chrin, Jan Dr.
Staff Scientist
Telephone: 2930
E-mail: jan.chrin@psi.ch
Citterio, Alessandro Dr.  
Telephone: 3431
E-mail: alessandro.citterio@psi.ch
Craievich, Paolo Dr.  
Telephone: 2490
E-mail: paolo.craievich@psi.ch
Dällenbach, Mark  
Telephone: 3766
E-mail: mark.daellenbach@psi.ch
DAmico, Michael  
Telephone: 5940
E-mail: michael.damico@psi.ch
Dietrich, Alexander  
Telephone: 5167
E-mail: alexander.dietrich@psi.ch
Divall, Edwin  
Telephone: 3720
E-mail: edwin.divall@psi.ch
Dölling, Rudolf Dr.
Development and Design
Telephone: 3405
E-mail: rudolf.doelling@psi.ch
Dordevic, Sladana Dr.  
Telephone: 3749
E-mail: sladana.dordevic@psi.ch
Dupperex, Pierre-André Dr.
Group Leader Instrumentation

Ebner, Simon
Group Leader Highlevel Applications
Telephone: 5515
E-mail: simon.ebner@psi.ch
Photo of Michael Ehrlichman Ehrlichman, Michael Dr.
Postdoctoral Researcher
Telephone: 5941
E-mail: michael.ehrlichman@psi.ch
Fitze, Hans-Rudolf Dr.
Staff, Section Radiofrequency
Telephone: 3235
E-mail: hansruedi.fitze@psi.ch
Gabadinho, Jose  
Telephone: 5518
E-mail: jose.gabadinho@psi.ch
Gärtner, Florian  
Telephone: 3346
E-mail: florian.gaertner@psi.ch
Garvey, Terence Dr.
Division Leader ABK
Telephone: 4637
E-mail: terence.garvey@psi.ch
Gasche, Martin  
Telephone: 3381
E-mail: martin.gasche@psi.ch
Gaspar, Marcos André Dr.  
Telephone: 4036
E-mail: marcos.gaspar@psi.ch
Geng, Zheqiao  
Telephone: 4019
E-mail: zheqiao.geng@psi.ch
Gobbo, Alexandre  
Telephone: 3146
E-mail: alexandre.gobbo@psi.ch
Gough, Christopher
Group Leader Pulsed Magnets
Telephone: 4475
E-mail: christopher.gough@psi.ch
Grunder, Marcel  
Telephone: 3645
E-mail: marcel.grunder@psi.ch
Gubler, Jan
Temporary Worker
Telephone: 3262
E-mail: jan.gubler@psi.ch
Hämmerli, Fabian  
Telephone: 5594
E-mail: fabian.haemmerli@psi.ch
Hauff, Andreas  
Telephone: 5561
E-mail: andreas.hauff@psi.ch
Hövel, Thomas  
Telephone: 4311
E-mail: thomas.hoevel@psi.ch
Humar, Tadej  
Telephone: 5528
E-mail: tadej.humar@psi.ch
Hunziker, Stephan Dr.
Group Leader Timing & Synchronisation
Telephone: 5406
E-mail: stephan.hunziker@psi.ch
Photo of Rasmus Ischebeck Ischebeck, Rasmus Dr.
Group Leader Advanced Instrumentation
Telephone: 5535
E-mail: rasmus.ischebeck@psi.ch
Janousch, Markus Dr.
Section Leader Control Systems
Telephone: 2712
E-mail: markus.janousch@psi.ch
Photo of Guido Janser Janser, Guido
Group Leader Hardware
Telephone: 3410
E-mail: guido.janser@psi.ch
Photo of Sebastian Jetzer Jetzer, Sebastian  
Telephone: 3331
E-mail: sebastian.jetzer@psi.ch
Jud, Gaudenz Dr.  
Telephone: 5104
E-mail: gaudenz.jud@psi.ch
Jurcevic, Mario  
Telephone: 3107
E-mail: mario.jurcevic@psi.ch
Kalantari, Babak
Group Leader Embedded Software
Telephone: 5122
E-mail: babak.kalantari@psi.ch
Kalt, Roger
Group Leader LLRF 1
Telephone: 4512
E-mail: roger.kalt@psi.ch
Kapeller, Rene  
Telephone: 2397
E-mail: rene.kapeller@psi.ch
Keil, Boris Dr.
Group Leader Beam-based Feedback Systems
Telephone: 5178
E-mail: boris.keil@psi.ch
Kleeb, Thomas  
Telephone: 4263
E-mail: thomas.kleeb@psi.ch
Kolano, Anna
PhD student
Telephone: 4570
E-mail: anna.kolano@psi.ch
Kreis, Francois  
Telephone: 3408
E-mail: francois.kreis@psi.ch
Photo of Renata Krempaska Krempaska, Renata
Group Leader IT Infrastructure
Telephone: 5124
E-mail: renata.krempaska@psi.ch
Kunz, Daniel  
Telephone: 3627
E-mail: daniel.kunz@psi.ch
Lauk, Daniel  
Telephone: 3642
E-mail: daniel.lauk@psi.ch
Laznovsky, Mike  
Telephone: 5301
E-mail: michael.laznovsky@psi.ch
Lippuner, Thomas
Group Leader Power Amplifiers 2
Telephone: 3240
E-mail: thomas.lippuner@psi.ch
Locans, Uldis
PhD student
E-mail: locans.uldis@psi.ch
Lüscher, Christian  
Telephone: 3039
E-mail: christian.luescher@psi.ch
Lutz, Hubert  
Telephone: 3397
E-mail: hubert.lutz@psi.ch
Maier-Manojlovic, Dragutin  
Telephone: 4023
E-mail: dragutin.maier-manojlovic@psi.ch
Mair, Stefan  
Telephone: 4024
E-mail: mair.stefan@psi.ch
Märki, Fabian Dr.  
Telephone: 5924
E-mail: fabian.maerki@psi.ch
Meier, Ivan  
Telephone: 3144
E-mail: ivan.meier@psi.ch
Menzel, Ralf  
Telephone: 3202
E-mail: ralf.menzel@psi.ch
Ovinnikov, Valery  
Telephone: 3324
E-mail: valery.ovinnikov@psi.ch
Pal, Trivan Dr.  
Telephone: 4558
E-mail: trivan.pal@psi.ch
Paraliev, Martin Dr.  
Telephone: 5151
E-mail: martin.paraliev@psi.ch
Pedrozzi, Marco Dr.
Section Leader Radiofrequency
Telephone: 3242
E-mail: marco.pedrozzi@psi.ch
Photo of Nathaniel Pogue Pogue, Nathaniel Dr.
Postdoctoral Researcher
Telephone: 5195
E-mail: nathaniel.pogue@psi.ch
Photo of Patrick Pollet Pollet, Patrick
Group Leader LLRF 2
Telephone: 3286
E-mail: patrick.pollet@psi.ch
Portmann, Werner Dr.  
Telephone: 4061
E-mail: werner.portmann@psi.ch
Photo of Eduard Prat Costa Prat Costa, Eduard Dr.
Staff Scientist
Telephone: 3701
E-mail: Eduard.Prat@psi.ch
Pruchova-Blättler, Helena Dr.  
Telephone: 2369
E-mail: helena.pruchova@psi.ch
Purtschert, Jonas  
Telephone: 3947
E-mail: jonas.purtschert@psi.ch
Qteishat, Hazem
Telephone: 5405

Raguin, Jean-Yves Dr.  
Telephone: 5272
E-mail: jean-yves.raguin@psi.ch
Rees, Simon
Group Leader Standard Applications
Telephone: 5825
E-mail: simon.rees@psi.ch
Photo of Sven Reiche Reiche, Sven Dr.
Group Leader SwissFEL Beam Dynamics
Telephone: 5119
E-mail: sven.reiche@psi.ch
Ringele, Matthias  
Telephone: 3798
E-mail: matthias.ringele@psi.ch
Photo of Valeria Rizzoglio Rizzoglio, Valeria
PhD Student
Telephone: 3424
E-mail: valeria.rizzoglio@psi.ch
Photo of Angel Rodriguez Fernandez Rodriguez Fernandez, Angel Dr.
Postdoctoral Researcher
Telephone: 3603
E-mail: angel.rodriguez@psi.ch
Scherer, Alfred  
Telephone: 3312
E-mail: alfred.scherer@psi.ch
Photo of Thomas Schietinger Schietinger, Thomas Dr.
Section Leader Accelerator Concepts
Telephone: 3274
E-mail: thomas.schietinger@psi.ch
Schilcher, Thomas Dr.
Staff, Section Radiofrequency, Technical Coordination LLRF
Telephone: 4593
E-mail: thomas.schilcher@psi.ch
Schlott, Volker Dr.
Section Leader Diagnostics
Telephone: 4237
E-mail: volker.schlott@psi.ch
Schmidheiny, Arthur  
Telephone: 3314
E-mail: arthur.schmidheiny@psi.ch
Schneider, Markus
Group Leader Power Amplifiers 1
Telephone: 3550
E-mail: markus.schneider@psi.ch
Stadler, Andreas  
Telephone: 3059
E-mail: andreas.stadler@psi.ch
Photo of Lukas Stingelin Stingelin, Lukas Dr.
Group Leader RF Systems
Telephone: 5841
E-mail: lukas.stingelin@psi.ch
Photo of Andreas Streun Streun, Andreas Dr.
Group Leader ADOS
Telephone: 3688
E-mail: andreas.streun@psi.ch
Sturzenegger, Werner  
Telephone: 5512
E-mail: werner.sturzenegger@psi.ch
Tron, Wolfgang
Staff, Section Radiofrequency, Technical Coordination Power Amplifiers
Telephone: 3233
E-mail: wolfgang.tron@psi.ch
Wang, Xiaoqiang  
Telephone: 3380
E-mail: xiaoqiang.wang@psi.ch
Wuethrich, Erich  
Telephone: 3311
E-mail: erich.wuethrich@psi.ch
Xu, Haisheng Dr.  
Telephone: 4257
E-mail: haisheng.xu@psi.ch
Zamofing, Thierry  
Telephone: 4359
E-mail: thierry.zamofing@psi.ch
Zellweger, Christof  
Telephone: 5109
E-mail: christof.zellweger@psi.ch
Zennaro, Riccardo  
Telephone: 3658
E-mail: riccardo.zennaro@psi.ch
Zimoch, Dirk Dr.  
Telephone: 5182
E-mail: dirk.zimoch@psi.ch
Zimoch, Elke Dr.  
Telephone: 5121
E-mail: elke.zimoch@psi.ch

Former Members

Photo of Bolko Beutner Beutner, Bolko Dr.
Now at DESY
E-mail: bolko.beutner@desy.de
Brönnimann, Manuel

Photo of Marc Guetg Guetg, Marc Dr.
Now at SLAC
E-mail: marcg@slac.stanford.edu
Photo of Frédéric Le Pimpec Le Pimpec, Frédéric Dr.
Now at European XFEL
E-mail: frederic.le.pimpec@xfel.eu
Photo of Ángela Saa Hernández Saa Hernández, Ángela Dr.  

Schebacher, Lionel