Accelerator Concepts Section (Dr. Th. Schietinger)

List of people working in the Accelerator Concepts Section.

The Accelerator Concepts Section is responsible for all beam-dynamical aspects in the design and further development of the PSI accelerator facilities.

This includes the modelling, simulation and optimization of accelerator designs, commissioning of new facilities and development and support of applications related to beam dynamics.

The Accelerator Concepts Section is divided into three groups:

Accelerator Modeling and Advanced Simulation (AMAS) (Dr. A. Adelmann)

The AMAS group bridges the gap between qualitative and quantitative modeling by combining and extending the latest developments in accelerator physics, numerical modeling and high-performance computer science.

AMAS performs research in the area of accelerator system simulation, participates in educational efforts, establishes and maintains national and international collaborations. AMAS applies the developed methods to PSI's existing and future machines which in turn provide benchmarks for our methods.

AMAS Homepage

Accelerator Development and Operation Support (ADOS)
(Dr. A. Streun)

The ADOS group supports the development of the SwissFEL accelerators and the consolidation and betterment of the Swiss Light Source, contributing in the fields of theoretical beam dynamics, studies and simulations, accelerator design, accelerator commissioning and operation, as well as high-level application development.

ADOS Homepage

SwissFEL Beam Dynamics (Dr. S. Reiche)

The SwissFEL Beam Dynamics group covers all beam-dynamics aspects of the SwissFEL linear accelerator and the SwissFEL injector test facility. It also contributes to the commissioning of these facilities.