The Sections

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From the nerve center of the Large Research Facilities (GFA) all accelerators are controlled 24/7 by a specialized crew working in three shifts in this section.
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Proton Accelerators
The high intensity proton accelerators, the ring cyclotron and the pre-accelerators (Cockcroft-Walton, acceleration tube and Injector 2) are kept in their unexcelled level of performance since 1969 by this team.
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Low Energy and Medical Cyclotron
This section takes the utmost care in maintaining and optimizing the super conducting compact cyclotron COMET in order to treat cancer patients with the PROSCANs proton therapy facility.

Coordination Swiss Light Source (SLS)
The coordination of the technical floor operations of the Swiss Light Source is managed by this section in a way that produces new understanding without hindrance.
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Target Facilities and Activated Materials
This section is responsible for the safe operation of the meson production target facilities and the scientific support for the spallation targets of SINQ and UCN. It also carries responsibilities within the process of radioactive waste disposal from the accelerator facilities. The Muon Factory, directly behind the high intensity proton accelerator complex, has dozens of experimental areas which are attended to by the people in this section.
This section sets the path free of obstacles as tiny as molecules for the proton and aswell as for electron beams, by using e.g. Turbo and cryo pumps together with diagnostics, such as vacuum gauges, Helium leak indicators and mass spectrometers. This all to produce a vacuum between 0.000 01 (1.10-5) mbar and 0.000 000 001 (1.10-9) mbar.