Section High Intensity Proton Accelerator


Our task is to find the right mixture between the theoretical aspects of the accelerator physics and the technical realization possibilities. With the synergy from theory and Praxis we should achieve the set goals for beam current and high availability of the high intensity proton accelerator.

In our group we combine theoretical aspects of state-of-the-art accelerator physics with technological feasability. The synergy of theory and experiment allows us to further increase the proton beam-current and enhance the reliability of this proton accelerator facility.

Accelerator physics in and between cyclotrons

The accelerator physicists in our section always endeavor to optimise the beam trajectories within the accelerators and beam lines to minimise beam losses and to even further increase the proton beam current.

Availability of the high intensity proton acccelerator

The high intensity proton accelerator complex produces a beam every day (24h) with monthly pauses for beam development and maintenance. Repairs are executed as fast as possible (Stand-by duties and good will) by internal expert staff as well as by external specialists from other deparments. The large maintenance (Shutdown) is normally from Christmas until april. The renewals of the unique beam lines are dealt with within this section.

We are highly motivated to bring out the best from these well established machines. Furthermore, we also have large interests in other proton accelerators around the world and organise workshops about high intensity beams (HB2010) and technical development of european cyclotrons (ECPM2012).