Section Operation

The section Operation runs the central control room, from which all accelerators are commanded.

In three shifts during all weekdays (24/7) this crew controls the high intensitiy proton accelerator (HIPA), the PROSCAN Therapy accelerator COMET, the Synchrotron Light Source (SLS), and from end 2016, the Free-Elektron-Laser for the SwissFEL project. With the support of complex control systems the optimal settings are tuned in order to maintain a reliable beam with high output, whilst keeping the highest possible safety along with very high operational availability. From the control room the crew also guards the admission of service personel to primary bunkers and certain experimental areas through the in-house developed access system (PSYS). The control room is the single contact point for questions and technical problems of beam users and mobilizes experts when necessary.



Control Panel

Dozens of monitors constantly show important machine parameters, system status and conditions inside certain areas. Large synoptic displays present overviews, so that the smallest changes are quickly recognized and operators can tune to the optimal conditions.
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Software and Hardware

The hardware and software is tailored for the accelerators and its crew. It can also be adapted by the crew to suit their needs. Historicaly the operation crew is diverse in the profession of its individuals.