Section Low Energy and Medical cyclotron

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In the section Low Energy and Medical Cyclotron we are responsible for the maintenance, repair, overhaul and beam development of the Proscan accelerator facility as well as for the dismantling of the Injector 1. We are in close contact with the users of the medical facility to match the output of the cyclotron with their demands for future projects and daily routines.

The Philips Injector 1 delivered 72 MeV protons for eye tumor radiation treatment to the Optis-facility since 1984 till 2010. It also provided beams for other low energy experiments since its commissioning. On the 3rd of December 2010 Injector 1 was decommissioned, although currently there are intentions of recommissioning it in a chinese institute.

In 2005 the compact, superconducting medical therapy cyclotron COMET became operational. The protons accelerated until 250 MeV are exclusively used for medical purposes like cancer treatment. In 2007 the Gantry1 saw its first patients for proton therapy with protons coming from the new COMET cyclotron. The linking up of OPTIS2 to the COMET succesfully happened in 2010. The Gantry 2 startet its first patient treatment in 2013 and new concepts are being worked out for a Gantry 3.