The Philips Cyclotron (Injector 1)

The injector 1 was the pre-stage in the cascade of the high energy accelerator complex since its installation until 1984. It injected not only protons but also polarized particles and heavy ions. It delivered low energy protons (until 72 MeV and heavy ions of 200 until 280 MeV). The injector 1 was equipped with the internal ion source for protons and two seperate external ion sources. One was a polarized ion source for protons and deutron and the second was an ECR source for heavy ions.

After 37 successful years of service to research projects in various fields like particle and nuclear physics, radiochemistry, heavy ion research, biology and medical studies the PSI Philips cyclotron was finaly decommissioned at PSI on the 3rd of December 2010. The political decision to discontiue the injector 1, after injector 2 was successfully commissioned, was overruled in order to start the eye treatment facility OPTIS in the same year. Also, experiments by Prof. Dr. Gaeggeler prolonged its usage until the PROSCAN facility was able to treat patients with eye tumors at OPTIS2.