Section High Energy Beam Lines

It is our task to service the 590 MeV proton channel and all its connected seven secondary beam lines as well as the beam lines to both spallation sources SINQ and UCN. On request we also adapt the proton channel and the secondary beam lines to new scientific and technical demands. The elements of the lines are designed, constructed and maintained by other sections of the our department.

We support users of secondary beam lines, by instructing them, helping with beam calculations, building-up experiments and providing tools (e.g. Wienfilter or beam current monitors). In addition we maintain mathematical tools (Transport, Turtle) for beam line simulations.


Elements in the 590 MeV proton-canals (left: EHT-Proton Accelerators, right:Targets and Collimators-Targets/Activated Materials)

Secondary Beam Lines

Area Target max. Impuls MeV/c Particle Type max. Flow 1/mAs Typical use, typical Experiment
μE1 E 500 Pions, Myons 2 x 109 particle physics, μSR
μE1 E 220 polarized Myons 6 x 107 μSR, with 60-115 MeV/c μ+ and μ-
μE4 E 40 Myons 5 x 109 μSR, LEM, atom physics with 28 MeV/c μ+
πE3 E 40 Myons 3 x 107 μSR with 28 MeV/c μ+
πE5 E 120 Pions, Myons 1 x 1010 particle physics
πM1 M 500 Pions, Protons 1 x 108 particle physics, detector tests
πM3 M 40 Myons 3 x 106 μSR

Secondary Beam Lines PiE3 with two Wiener filters and the 10 Tesla Magnet for the high field μSR