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Accelerator / Operation and Development
ABE Division

The Accelerator Operation and Development Division runs, maintains, repairs and improves the PSI accelerator complex together with other departments of PSI. The control room is manned by three shifts 24 hours a day. The proton accelerators provide the primary beams to PSI's versatile experimental facility for high intensity meson-, neutron and many other particle beams since 1974. The division has expertise on the cyclotron technology and on the creation and transport of high intensity proton beams. Thus holding the world record for beam power extracted from a proton cyclotron. In the more compact COMET accelerator proton beams are created especially for the treatment of cancer patients in the PROSCAN facility. Accelerated electrons from the synchrotron generate intense x-ray beams in the SLS and in the future linear accelerator of the SwissFEL facilities.

The ABE division is sub-divided into six sections: