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The Paul Scherrer Institute operates four major user laboratories: a third generation X-ray synchrotron source (SLS), the only continuous spallation neutron source worldwide (SINQ), the worlds most powerful continuous-beam μSR facility (SμS) and a meson factory for fundamental nuclear and elementary particle physics (LTP). In fact, PSI is the only place worldwide to offer the three major probes for condensed matter research (synchrotron X-rays, neutrons and muons) on one campus.

The PSI User Office is a central PSI installation to serve the users from all the four user laboratories. In case of any question before, during or after your stay at PSI please don't hesitate to contact us.

Digital User Office (DUO)

The central tool to organize the user operation at PSI is called the Digital User Office DUO.
DUO is a Web application to submit proposals, experimental reports, publications, to request for PSI badges or dosimeters etc.

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PSI User Office

Phone: +41 56 310 46 66
Fax: +41 56 310 32 94

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