An Open Access Light Source

SwissFEL, the Free Electron Laser currently under development at the Paul-Scherrer-Institute, is mainly intended as a national user facility. Swiss researchers will be given the unique opportunity to perform cutting edge research with one of the most advanded X-Ray Light Sources available worldwide. But the use of SwissFEL will not be restricted to national scientists. It will rather be open to the global scientific community. In fact, only the quality and relevance of a research proposal will decide on its being granted beam time at SwissFEL.

The very ultimate potentials of SwissFEL will only be unleashed after its start by the ability of imaginative experimentators and skilled operators. However, in an attempt to envisage preliminary avenues, a Scientific Case has been conceived which includes some of the fields in which SwissFEL may make a large impact. In the following we present some of this projected research.

SwissFEL Science Case

SwissFEL Science Case.gif
Utrafast Phenomena at the Nanoscale: Science opportunities at the SwissFEL X-ray Laser

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