i(2)PEPICO experiment

The imaging Photoion Photoelectron Coincidence (iPEPICO) endstation is used to study gas phase photoionization. Threshold photoelectron spectra can be recorded for gas phase samples. Internal energy selected ions can be studied by TOF mass spectrometry in coincidence with zero kinetic energy electrons. Thus, very accurate dissociative photoionization thresholds can be determined, which are used in ion cycles to derive thermochemical information.

More information on the endstations:
  • Room temperature effusive source for volatile samples
  • Molecular beam apparatus for cooling highly volatile samples and for dimer / adduct production
  • Flash pyrolysis source to make free radicals from precursors
  • Heated solid sample inlet for involatile samples
  • Double imaging apparatus for simulateous imaging of photoelectrons as well as photoions
The following experiments are planned:
  • Cluster source for transition metal cluster photoelectron spectroscopy

i2PEPICO software tools

The double imaging experiment required a new data format and new measurement software. The old program is now deprecated and replaced by the i2PEPICO program and its i2d data format for measurement data and beamline parameters. A lab book for attaching notes and files is also provided.

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