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cSAXS – X12SA: Coherent Small-Angle X-ray Scattering

Besides the biannual call for proposals, the cSAXS facility offers as part of the European soft-matter infrastructure (ESMI) an additional line of proposals. Frequently, such experiments can be scheduled on shorter notice. The ESMI program can offer travel support for up to two researchers.

Experiment types

Experiments performed at cSAXS include, inter alia,
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Setup Images

Images of some typical setups can be found under Endstations.

Technical Data

Energy range 4 – 19 keV
Energy resolution ΔE/E < 0.02%
Spot size on sample (horizontal × vertical) variable from 1.5 × 0.8mm2 to 20 × 5µm2
total flux (at sample position)* ~1012photons/sec (at E = 11.2keV, 400mA ring current)
Coherent flux* ~5×109photons/sec (at E = 11.2keV, 400mA ring current)
*estimates based on calculations and measurements at related beamlines, not (yet) measured at cSAXS

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Call for Proposals

PX Beamlines: The evaluation is closed | Next call on September 8, 2015

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08 August 2015: Call is open for proposals
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