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Education and Employment at PSI

Our employees represent 47 nations and have already achieved the highest international recognition. PSI currently supports about 260 doctoral students in their academic studies and Is training about 80 apprentices in more than a dozen professions.

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Description Index Number Pensum Date
Lead Project Scientist
for the time-of-flight reflectometer Estia at the ESS
3303-00 Wissenschaft, 100
Physikerin / Physiker
9645-00 Wissenschaft, 100
Radiation Oncologist
with broad knowledge in the entire field of radiotherapy, who has either experience with the medical use of charged particles or who is enthusiastic to engage in this specialty. Scientific interest is required, a publication record desirable.
1711-00 Diverses;Wissenschaft, 100
Beamline Scientist
Tenure track
6111-02 Wissenschaft, 100
Synchrotron-based in situ XPS for observing chemistry at interfaces
6400-05 Wissenschaft, 100


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