FAST: Generation-IV nuclear reactors with a fast neutron spectrum

We launched the project in 2002 and our current goals are
  • to study neutronics, thermal hydraulics and fuel behaviour of advanced fast reactors;
  • to evaluate safety of fast reactors considered for construction in Europe;
  • to study different design solutions for Generation-IV Molten Salt Reactor;
  • to represent Switzerland internationally;
  • to educate young researchers and students.


September 15, 2014

ICAPP15: International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants "Nuclear Innovations for a Low-carbon Future" will take place on May 3-6, 2015 in Nice, French Riviera. Track 3 of the congress is devoted to fast neutron and other innovative reactors. The call for papers is published at A 500-word abstract is due by September 30, 2014. We plan to submit 4-5 abstracts.


September 13, 2014

November 2014 issue of Nuclear Engineering and Design publishes "Code assessment and modelling for Design Basis Accident analysis ofthe European Sodium Fast Reactor design. Part II: Optimised core and representative transients analysis". The paper summarizes main results of the benchmark exersise to which we contributed in frame of the FP7 EURATOM CP-ESFR project.


September 12, 2014

Valerio Ariu successfully passed the MS exam. The topic of his MS study was "Heat exchanger analysis for innovative molten salt fast reactor".

esnii+wp6@psi small.jpg

September 12, 2014

On September 9 and 10 we hosted the meeting to discuss the progress of WP6 "Core safety" after the first year of the FP7 EURATOM ESNII+ project (Preparing ESNII for HORIZON 2020). 28 participants from 16 European organizations joined at Paul Scherrer Institute to disscuss the status and coordination of work on neutronics and transient analysis of the ESNII fast-spectrum nuclear reactors: ASTRID (sodium), ALFRED (lead) and ALLEGRO (helium).


September 4, 2014

To discuss cooperation in molten-salt reactor research we visited the LPSC lab in Grenoble and in particular the Forced Fluoride Flow Experimental loop at which the gas injection to and separation from the forced flow of the fluoride salt (LiF-NaF-KF) were demonstrated:


September 3, 2014

The engineering design for the BREST-300 lead-cooled fast reactor is completed by the Dollezhal Scientific Research and Design Institute of Energy Technologies (Russia):

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