FAST: Generation-IV nuclear reactors with a fast neutron spectrum

We launched the project in 2002 and our current goals are
  • to study neutronics, thermal hydraulics and fuel behaviour of advanced fast reactors;
  • to evaluate safety of fast reactors considered for construction in Europe;
  • to study different design solutions for Generation-IV Molten Salt Reactor;
  • to represent Switzerland internationally;
  • to educate young researchers and students.


August 21, 2014

Anna-Laurene Panadero successfully passed the MS exam. The topic of her MS study was "Static neutronic, thermal-hydraulic and fuel performance analysis of the ASTRID Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor core"


August 18, 2014

The information about our PhD project "Small modular Molten Salt Fast Reactor design for closed fuel cycle", including the abstract, is published in the P3 research database of the Swiss National Science Foundation:


August 6, 2014

The paper "Thorium breeder and burner fuel cycles in reduced-moderation LWRs compared to fast reactors" by B. A. Lindley, C. Fiorina, F. Franceschini, E. J. Lahoda, and G.T. Parks, reporting results of the study done in cooperation with University of Cambridge (UK) and Westinghouse (USA), has been published in Progress in Nuclear Energy 77 (2014) 107-123


August 4, 2014

In this video Prof. Wallenius, CEO LeadCold, tells about small modular lead-cooled fast reactor:


July 29, 2014

The paper "Thermal-hydraulics of internally heated molten salts and application to the Molten Salt Fast Reactor" by C. Fiorina, A. Cammi, L. Luzzi, K. Mikityuk, H. Ninokata and M. E. Ricotti, reporting results of the study done in cooperation with POLIMI (Italy), has been published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series 501 (2014)


July 28, 2014

The IAEA Technical Working Group on Fast Reactors (TWG-FR) has been representing for decades the main international framework for information exchange and technical cooperation in the area of fast reactors. TWG-FR meets every year: the last, 47th meeting was on May 19-23, 2014 in Vienna. We represented Switzerland:

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